AMP Youth

We want to see you Achieve Maximum Potential.

Sundays 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Our Mission

AMP Youth is a safe and welcoming environment for all teens, ages 13-18, where we focus on building up a strong foundation of faith, love, and a relationship with God. One that they can stand tall on in their schools, communities, jobs, and in their families. One that won’t crumble and will stay firm in them when they move into adulthood, serving and being an example to the world.

We are passionate about our love for God and for others. We make this known in our worship and how we seek God. We also make our love for God known with our attitude towards others. We like to show the world our “Servitude Attitude”.

Our Vision

Through relationship building, worship, service, and teaching in the word, at AMP Youth we strive to help and encourage every teen in each of the following:

-Growth in Faith and a Relationship with Jesus.

-Becoming Examples of truly devoted Christ followers to their friends, neighbors, family, community, and to the world.

-Learning to be Attentive to the Lord’s voice.

-Growth in Knowledge of the word and truth.

-Becoming Submissive to His will.

-Finding comfort being “FREAKS” in the world.

What’s Happening

We meet weekly on Sundays from 5:00pm until 7:00pm.

We like to have fun and enjoy some good snacks but the true purpose of coming together is to worship our heavenly father and to grow more in our faith and relationship with Him.



AMP Youth Superbowl Party

Feb. 3rd @ 6pm

We’ll have all kinds of food, games, and of course the big game on the big screens!


Other activities we do include summer camps (such as Camp Awesome), local and regional youth conferences, serving our community, as well as occasional small groups hangouts and social events. We participate in local missions such as Isaiah House and “Mystery Missions”. Our AMP Youth serve as Agents for our Mystery Missions, and must be constantly ready to serve when called upon.

We also offer yearly foreign mission trips in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Join us at one of our upcoming events!

Our Leader


The youth director, Nick Kentrup and his wife Genesis, have been serving since 2012. They are a young couple and recently married, thus have a feel for the challenges that face our modern youth. Nick has many experiences in local and foreign ministries, including yearly foreign mission trips to Mexico, along with many other mission trips abroad where he has participated as both a member and as a leader.




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