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Increase Your Love

Friday, 03 July 2015 by

Pastor Mark’s sermon on 6-28-2015 discussing how we need to take the right messages away from the recent supreme court ruling that gay marriage is legal now in all 50 states. Instead of saying our nation is going to hell (every generation thinks the next generation is the worst in history and that our modern

Pastor Mark’s reflection on what a manly man does within the Christian household, including whimsical musings about how men interact with children versus women, and the role of the man in being the spiritual leader of the house. Download Here! by right-clicking on blue text (control + click on Mac).

Pastor Mark’s series on how we can need to equip ourselves with knowledge in order to prevent ourselves from allowing lies to seep into our hearts and how sometimes even if we can’t pinpoint exactly what is wrong, if we listen to our spirit, that we can pluck the fruit and cast out the rot

Pastor Mark’s examining of the scripture on 4-22-15, both old testament and new testament, to determine what exactly Jesus did in the days between his crucifixion, his resurrection, and what it means for us in our current state as followers of Christ and our authority given to us based on this victory. Download Here! by

Did I Say That?

Friday, 19 June 2015 by

Pastor Mark’s series about how to watch what we say, as it is not our thoughts which are sinful, but our words and actions, and how our words have such power as to cause others to sin or to express our love and faith, which can lead to tremendous actions. We must be ever vigilant

Pastor Mark’s series about how those who claim to have knowledge and those who actually have and possess biblical knowledge are often different people, and that we can be easily tricked and fooled by things that sound correct, but are actually false teachings based on what sounds peaceful and easy to accept versus what the

A Different Story

Monday, 01 June 2015 by

Pastor Mark’s series on how we need to live differently from others, as we are all tempted and the world is attempting to bring us all down through the common struggles we face. However, we can continue to change ourselves from conforming to the patterns of this world…we can be the one person to claim

The First Last Pentecost

Wednesday, 27 May 2015 by

Pastor Mark’s series on the true meaning of Pentecost and the importance that Pentecost had in conjunction with the foundation of the church, passover (50 days after), and more importantly the transformation that occurred during the time between passover and Pentecost in many of the apostles. Part 1: Download Here! by right-clicking on blue text

Tribute to Mothers

Friday, 22 May 2015 by

Pastor Mark’s Mother’s day message on 5/9/15 about the job they do and how God’s design enables them to nurture and to help mold for us the people that we are today. Amusing anecdotes are concluded discussing how Mary must have felt possibly losing the son of God and how we know even when we

Pastor Mark’s series on how God will always provide more than what we need spiritually if we learn to trust him and to follow in the path that he has laid down before us and continue to walk in his word. Acts that are performed with God’s power are always are much greater than those

Be Loud, Be Ready

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 by

Pastor Mark’s sermon on 4-19-15 about how if we live loudly, body, and strongly as our beliefs as Christians within our belief in God, that our actions and our minds will be more pure then if we are tempted to bend or to be quiet in the face of the expectation and social demands of

Pastor Mark’s sermon on 4-15-2015 delving into some of the less comfortable parts of the bible, dealing with our understanding of heaven and hell, and how Jesus conquered death. Pastor Mark also gets into many of the details about things in the bible such as Jonah and the whale, that don’t exactly seem plausible, but

Be Normal, (Parts 1-11)

Wednesday, 15 April 2015 by

Pastor Mark’s Message about how we need to focus not on a physical renewal and rebirth at the beginning of the new year, but renewing our faith in God through Christ, and our righteousness through them, and not through our own acts, as demonstrated by Paul, who could have been a Pharisee but instead demonstrated

Jimmy Cantwell’s Guest Sermon on 3-25-15 about how God’s love has been shown for us again and again throughout the bible from the days of Genesis through the deeds of Christ. Download Here! by right-clicking on blue text (control + click on Mac).

Pastor Rick Bell, who has visited and spoke at Faith Church before, has a tremendous article about how we have it backwards when we say that God is using something to tempt us or to make us stronger when in fact, if we listen to the bible, God is delivering us from these temptations that

Pastor Gene’s sermon on 4-8-15 about how we need to seek the Kingdom of God and how to live life as a Christian and the full abundance that you will receive from living life the way Jesus intended us to. Special attention is spent focusing on the beatitudes and how we need to let go

Palm Sunday

Sunday, 12 April 2015 by

Pastor Mark’s sermon on Palm Sunday discussing how the Old Testament talked about the coming of the savior, and all the details about how Jesus came to fulfill this, and the hero’s welcome he received on Palm Sunday. Pastor Mark also comes into how often times our expectation of God’s deliverance varies from what God

Pastor Mark’s Easter Service on 4-5-15 about how we need to stop trying to find happiness from our own perspective and focus on finding true joy through our relationship with God through Jesus. Jesus demonstrated how to overcome the world and simply told us that he can carry the yoke if we should follow him,

The Last Peace

Friday, 20 March 2015 by

Pastor Mark’s series on how we spend and waste our time worrying about things instead of focusing our lives on thankfulness and loving God and trusting him fully to provide for us and our needs. The missing peace for our piece is our faith in God, which we can continually cultivate through prayer and through

Guest Speaker John McVay on how we have been given the instructions to the Kingdom of God in the bible, but only if we read it to remember what it said about how to live our lives, how to treat those around us, and how to have complete trust in God. God continually takes care

Rabbi Wolf speaking for Pastor Mark on 2-15-15 on how we all need to serve the Kingdom of God not for selfish reasons, not to obtain self fulfillment, but humbly. It is only by serving like Paul did in the New Testament that we will serve freely, with a smile, and make lasting changes in

Watch Your Step

Thursday, 12 February 2015 by

Pastor Mark’s series on how we need to watch our step and about our salvation through Christ and the difference between our spirit self and our flesh. This includes a detailed look into the lies of trying to believe ourselves better than we are depending on our “level of sin”, and thus relying on our

Pastor Charlotte’s sermon on living in God’s presence and the 5 steps towards living in the presence and the glory of God in great detail, including talking about how we are to carry out these actions that we as Christians are tasked with carrying out. 1) Repent, 2) Praise, 3) Worship, 4) Offering, and 5)

Church Works (Parts 1-5)

Monday, 26 January 2015 by

Pastor Mark’s sermon on how church works if we show up, and listen and put away our pretenses about what is truth, and living a life the way God intended, which includes being thankful and servile to those around us. The bible is written for our benefit, not just to provide a set of rules.

Faith Church’s own Jimmy Cantwell’s sermon on 1-21-15 going through many examples in the bible of how we let our minds and our knowledge betray our faith, and how we can become entrapped in worrying and thinking about ourselves instead of trusting in God’s word. A very fundamental, but powerful reminder of the basis of

Pastor Mark’s Message talking about how we are created in God’s image and how we often struggle to recognize that we are called upon to be like Christ, because through the Holy Spirit which was granted to us, we are the embodiments of Christ. Its also a reminder that we must act as Christians at

Have You Been Disqualified?

Sunday, 04 January 2015 by

Pastor Mark’s Message on 12/28/14 talking about grace, and how we need to stop trying to beat ourselves up over things we have not accomplished which often times lead to our New Years Resolutions that lead to short term changes in behavior, but not the long-lasting change we can only obtain through Christ. There is

Pastor Mark’s interesting take on the ugly sweater and fashion and how it relates to Christianity. I.e. the ugly sweater is now hip, as people were wearing something considered ugly with pride and made it fashionable. We as Christians need to do the same thing…we need to not be afraid that Christianity is unhip, and

Thanks a Lot (Parts 1-3)

Thursday, 04 December 2014 by

Pastor Mark’s sermon on all the things we have to be thankful for, and how we need to not say “Thanks a lot”, but to say “Thanks, A LOT!!!” for all the things God has blessed us with. Part 1: (11-16-14) Download Here! by right-clicking on blue text (control + click on Mac). Part 2:

Pastor Charlotte preaching on 11-5-14 about how we are the people of God’s covenant, and all the promises and joys of which God has given to his people belong to those who follow his covenant all in due time as long as we remain and stay faithful. Download Here! by right-clicking on blue text (control

Being Great, (Parts 1-2)

Saturday, 08 November 2014 by

Pastor Mark’s Sermons on how we can all be great through our obedience to God, and by trusting in his promises no matter how absurd they may seem at the time. God can even turn a famine into a feast or to defeat a previously unconquered foe, but we must act on the impetus of

God’s Promises, (Parts 1-2)

Saturday, 08 November 2014 by

Pastor Mark’s Sermons about how God always keeps his promises, and how the most meek and humble of us can do the will of God to retain his favor, as explained graphically by parts of the Old Testament where civilizations have turned against God in favor of satisfying their carnal nature. God’s word is never

Missionary Rick Bell’s sermon on 10-19-14 about how was long as we keep our eye on God’s promises through our troubles and difficulties, that we know the best is yet to come and that God is good and can make good from what we sometimes perceive as life’s problems by having confidence within our faith.

Get Behind Me (Part 1-2)

Saturday, 08 November 2014 by

Pastor Mark’s sermon on how we need to support Jesus in our actions, and to do as we are spiritually asked, not as we presuppose or think is correct. This means exiting our comfort zones and actively pursuing what God has entrusted us with, be it bit or small. Jesus came so God would be

Pastor Gene’s sermon on 11-02-14 about how we are special in God’s eyes, and how from Genesis we know that we were created special in order to command over the creatures around us. Pastor Gene discusses in detail not only the biblical basis for this, but what it means for us as God’s chosen people.

Evangelical Mass, (Parts 1-8)

Thursday, 25 September 2014 by

Pastor Mark’s Sermons on how the bible instructs us to share the word of Jesus with each other, and how many people who proclaim and are Christians are afraid of feeling uncomfortable and thus fail to follow Jesus’s words as commanded in Matthew and as demonstrated by Paul. Part 1: (9-10-14) Download Here! by right-clicking

How to Save a Life (Part 1-2)

Tuesday, 09 September 2014 by

Pastor Mark’s sermons about how we are given the tools on how to save lives through the bible, but we have to take advantage of these tools in order to treat those around us and give everlasting life. Part 2 features a bit comparing the bible to Mission Impossible. Part 1: (9-7-14) Download Here! by

Truth Talk

Tuesday, 02 September 2014 by

Pastor Mark giving a “Truth Talk” about how we must represent the word of God and be ministers to the world. However, we cannot betray our words with our actions, or we will lose credibility, as underlined by lessons learned and observed on a recent mission trip to Jamaica, and how many of the issues

God’s Word is Love

Tuesday, 02 September 2014 by

Pastor Mark on 8-20-14 upon his return from a mission trip to Jamaica explaining why God’s word is love, and how the truth and love are in the simplicity and of the directions provided, no matter how uncomfortable it may make us feel at times, analogous to the words a loving parents gives to their

John McVay on 8-13-14 explaining and providing in detail how the bible has and continues to be an inspired source of truth in our lives. Download Here! by right-clicking on blue text (control + click on Mac).

Dash Cam Life, (Parts 1-2)

Tuesday, 02 September 2014 by

Pastor Mark’s Sermons on how we need to not just be spectators that say “I’m saved by Jesus”, but to actually live the words that the gospel has spoken and to be active participants in not only our lives, but the lives of others. We need to be our own heroes (through Christ). Part 1:

Will Work for Jesus (Parts 1-2)

Tuesday, 02 September 2014 by

Pastor Mark’s Sermons on how we should be happy and enjoy our labors instead of looking at work as something that must be done…and how we need to find contentment regardless of the circumstances we face, and especially during the hard and the mundane times, by relying on our faith and our relationship with Jesus.

Eternal Life Part 2

Friday, 08 August 2014 by

Pastor Mark’s Sermon on 8/3/14 on God’s Eternal Life promise from the beginning of the time and how we can start living that eternal life today…we have a tendency to focus on the problems of our world versus being gracious. Download Here! by right-clicking on blue text (control + click on Mac).

Mentally Strong

Friday, 08 August 2014 by

Pastor Mark’s Sermon on how the 13 strengths on 8/6/13 (Amy Morin: that make up successful people are espoused in the bible. Download Here! by right-clicking on blue text (control + click on Mac).

The Promises, Part 3

Sunday, 20 July 2014 by

Pastor Mark’s sermon on God’s promises and the story of Abraham and about how God will protect us and give us everything we need in due time if we just trust God. In particular, we are reminded how what is of this world is flawed and can lead to unintended consequences. Download Here! by right-clicking

Pastor Mark’s sermons on God’s covenant and how if we act in accordance and please God, that we will be fulfilled. In particular, we are reminded how what is of this world is flawed and how only what has God’s blessing will truly blossom and fill us up. Part 1: (7-16-14) Download Here! by right-clicking

Who’s Playing

Wednesday, 02 July 2014 by

Pastor Mark’s Sermon on 6-25-14 on how spiritual attacks can take down us and our friends if we are not vigilant, but we are provided the tools in order to win this “game”. We also bear the responsibility that we have to people in the outside world to live our lives as Christians both inside

John McVay talks about what it means to be the salt of the earth, and how when we let impurities in our lives, we end up losing our taste, and thus our effectiveness…salt used to be a rare and incredibly valuable commodity that not only provided seasoning, but also safety. Download Here! by right-clicking on

Pastor Charlotte’s message on 6-11-14 about how we need to walk in our sonship through following what God has commanded us to in order to fully share within his Kingdom, in particular, what not to say. Download Here! by right-clicking on blue text (control + click on Mac).

Take the Gates

Tuesday, 24 June 2014 by

Pastor Mark speaking on 6-22-14 on how God’s promises never expire and how we are called upon…how we will have trouble and will be in contact with the enemy, but we will be protected as promised by God. We need to be on the offensive and go out and do God’s work and build His

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