Increase Your Love

Pastor Mark’s sermon on 6-28-2015 discussing how we need to take the right messages away from the recent supreme court ruling that gay marriage is legal now in all 50 states. Instead of saying our nation is going to hell (every generation thinks the next generation is the worst in history and that our modern “atrocities” outweigh the past, see genocide, slavery, etc.)), we are called on to live as Christ does and to love everyone including all sinners, be they liars, adulterers, murderers…while we acknowledge homosexuality as a sin and we are annoyed that the increased acceptance of it through politics by our nation is referred to as redefining love, we know that there is only one true love that can make us whole, and that is God through Christ. We are called upon at this hour to Increase Our Love, and not slip into anger or depression, but love everyone, since we are all sinners and we have all fallen short.

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