by / Monday, 07 December 2015 / Published in Audio, Digital Center, Pastor Mark, Reading the Bible, Truth and Lies

Pastor Mark’s look at the misquoted parts of the bible on 10-21-15, where its obvious that we re-work what the bible says to fit what we desire it to say, in order to brush off responsibility, and to feel protected in our cocoon. However, the Bible is a stable document, and thus it says only one thing…we must trust the words that the bible says and the accompanying foundational truths, which calls for a complete relationship with God, including the things that are scary that we must deal with. In particular we dig into Romans 8:28 and realize that God works all things for good “For the believer”…”not everything happens for a reason”, or “Its all part of God’s plan”. God can work good in our life no matter what unfortunate circumstances we are placed under.

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