Pastor Gene: Where Are You Lord

by / Sunday, 12 March 2017 / Published in

Pastor Gene’s message on how our lives are set-up with a plan, and how upon being called we must be obedient. In particular, this focuses on the story of Saul (Paul) in the bible, and how Saul unbeknownst to him was obtaining the skills that he would use to become one of the most well renown disciples. Saul thought he was doing God’s will persecuting the Christians, and when called upon directly by God, became one who preached the gospel all around the Mediterranean. In a similar way, we must be cognizant that God can forgive us regardless of our past, and can more importantly, use our past in order for us to serve the Kingdom. If only we hear God’s word and understand that as Christians, “We know the Lord”.

Sermon on 3-12-17

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