Renew Crew

Renew Crew Home and Renew Crew Auto are ministries that serve to help those who do not have the resources to maintain properly their homes and vehicles. This is an ad hoc group, with no set time or schedule or formal members…just people drawn from the masses that are available in a pinch to serve others.

Often the elderly, those who live alone or perhaps single parents do not have the ability to keep up basic maintenance due to financial or physical constraints. Because of this, what would normally be simple fixes are left unattended resulting in costly and damaging problems.

Renew Crew Home is a movement of volunteers who are willing to donate their time and resources to helping out their neighbor in need by things like cleaning out gutters, painting, sealing leaks or even shoveling snow or raking leaves.

Renew Crew Auto is made up of volunteers with no skills to professional skills able to perform maintenance work on vehicles of those in need that would otherwise go undone. We all know that the last thing a single mother is concerned about is an oil change and brakes are only checked when it’s too late.

Through these simple ministries we can see Christ glorified because our love and willingness to serve creating safer conditions and be a blessing to our neighbor.

Reach us at for more details!

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