Who We Are

In January of 2013, Pastor Mark Kinman became Pastor of a small group and began sharing his vision for a church that would reach out to meet the needs of the community by sharing the truth of God’s word. We believe in growing our relationship with God, not religion. Faith Church officially launched September 15, 2013. Since then, the church has seen growth in every area including local and foreign missions. It is truly a God thing.

We have open doors that welcome everyone. We don’t have a dress code other than clothes (please wear clothes :P). We are not seeking others to be like us but to be like Christ as we pursue the same vision. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and enjoy making new friends through partaking in fellowship together; however we take God’s word and the presence of his Holy Spirit very seriously, as they have the power to transform lives.

We believe God has gifted everyone with a skill or talent that can be used to encourage the local church and function as their part in His Kingdom. We are always in pursuit of ways of using your abilities to first bring him glory and in turn, be fulfilled yourself.

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