Young Adult Ministry

Faith Church’s Young Adult Ministries is our way to provide community and biblically sound teaching to post-collegiate, young singles, and young married couples in Northern Kentucky. We host quarterly activities to promote fellowship and community.

Our Young Adult Ministry is a self-led group that strives to build community and develop a safe, warm place to come and continue to grow.

The goal is that all of our members continue their growth and find not only a secular community to feel welcome, but more importantly a spiritual community and home through which to share the Kingdom of God. We believe spiritual communities are essential, and yet increasingly hard to find in the 20-40 age-range (We will not kick you out on your 41st birthday, trust us :D).

We envision long-term for this ministry to be a community of friends that informally meets at other times of the week to watch the game, go out to lunch, go hiking, or play a pick-up game of basketball or ultimate Frisbee. We also strive to be a group that actively serves the community, including through Faith Church’s Isaiah House and Renew Crew missions.

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