Jamaica Missions

Matthew 28:19 tells us to GO and make disciples of all nations.
Mark 16:15 tells us to GO into all the world and preach the good news to all.
We currently have seven churches established in Jamaica that we provide a spiritual covering for as well as legally maintained religious association on the island in which to ordain and license our ministers. Pastor Mark Kinman provides leadership to the pastors of the churches operating as an apostle overseeing them, making frequent trips throughout the year. Our pastors that we love and encourage are not employees of our church nor do they receive compensation or salaries. They are awesome men and women of God called to bring change to their communities through the transforming word of God and love of Christ.
We have conventions and seminars each year ranging from teaching, leadership training for new leaders and churches, marriage seminars, to exciting evangelistic tent meetings.
We are continuing with our desire to see more churches planted or come under our ministry covering therefore we need help. God has gifted everyone with talents and skills and spiritual gifts to be used in His kingdom. His kingdom extends far outside the four walls of your local church.
Mission trips to Jamaica are exciting and great ways to encourage and help our churches to be better equipped to do the ministry God has called them to do. A week in Jamaica might be physical labor such as building a new church, as we currently have one going up in King’s Valley, W. Moreland, or improving an existing church by painting or cleanup. A week might consist of ministering to the needy or what has been wildly successful, hosting a Vacation Bible School for the children in one of the small communities. Whatever the week brings a mission trip in Jamaica is about serving along side in ministry works that will reap the benefits long after you are gone. It’s real ministry and vital to the kingdom, not just some mission experience.
If you have a willing heart we can promise a week of adventure serving our mighty God, and oh yeah as always on our mission trips, a day of rest enjoying the incredible beauty of the island. Trips range from $1200 – $1400 depending on airfare and would include everything other than the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee you bring back.