Men’s Group

Our Men’s ministry looks to provide a home for both married and single men to enjoy fellowship in Christ and to bond with other men through a variety of activities. The bible asks for men to serve a special role in the community and in the family, and we believe that it is easier to do that with a strong support group. We believe there is nothing manlier than being a strong Christian man.
We build our community in a variety of ways: Our adventure days focus on bonding through activities like paintball, camping, hiking, zip lining, target shooting and other day trips. We serve the community together through Isaiah House. We also just enjoy gathering together to watch the game or play some games. We don’t care if you are 17 or 70…just that you are willing to spend some time with us as we enjoy the many great things in this world that God has blessed us with.
Please check out our calendar for upcoming events!
More information is available by emailing