Pastors & Ministry Leaders

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Pastors Mark & Rosana Kinman

Head Pastors
Pastor Mark Kinman and his wife Rosana frequently tell us how blessed and honored they are to be pastoring this new and exciting church! Prior to launching Faith Church Inc. in 2013, Pastor Mark served in the mission field for over 15 years. These experiences have been witness to countless lives changed through the demonstrated power of God's word that transcends beyond the American culture so many cling to. Pastor Mark delivers the transforming truth in God's word rather than clever opinion. As an avid outdoorsman, when Pastor Mark is not ministering, you can often find him on his farm. Pastor Mark enjoys exercising his second amendment rights, hunting and camping. It is no surprise that many of our Men's Ministry events include things like target practice and paintball.

Pastors Gary & Jenni Kentrup

Children's Pastors
Gary and Jenni Kentrup are the children’s pastors at Faith Church. They have been serving in children’s ministry for 20+ years. They have a heart for seeing kids come to know Christ and seeking His purpose for their lives. You will frequently catch Pastor Gary joining right in with the kids they teach, goofing around and bringing that exciting character and energy kids love. Jenni & Gary's love for kids, family, and God truly shows in the ministry they lead and the message they share.
Nick & Genesis

Nick & Genesis Kentrup

Youth Directors
Nick and Genesis are a young couple and recently married, thus have a feel for the challenges that face our modern youth. Nick has been serving as the Youth Director since 2012. He has many experiences in local and foreign missions, including yearly foreign mission trips to Mexico, where he has participated as both a member and as a leader doing dramas, putting on VBS's, small construction projects, and street ministry. Nick and Genesis have a passion to serve and to see the youth of today learn who they are in Christ, to build up a strong foundation in them based on an authentic relationship with Jesus.

Pastors Gene & Charlotte Weaver

Elders / Pastors
Gene and Charlotte have been in ministry a long time. They have been involved in the planting and growing of many churches. Gene and Charlotte are both inspiring speakers and teachers of the word. If you have to opportunity to hear them speak you will truly be blessed!