Jewels of Faith Church – Women’s Ministry

We at Faith Church Inc. recognize the many roles that today’s woman plays in society. Women are asked throughout their lives to be a faithful wife, a caring mother, a dependable daughter, a diligent student, a loving friend, and/or a professional woman, often times taking on these roles simultaneously. We have put together a variety of programs and activities that are as unique as you are to help you handle these multiple hats us women wear, no matter where you are in your journey of life and in Christ.

We know that the struggles of life can lead to all women feeling that they don’t meet up with societal expectations, including the superficial ways of this world. Magazines, television, even those around us can help us to feel inferior. However, Christ has taught us otherwise. We know that through our relationship with Christ, we belong to him, and hold the keys to the kingdom. No matter what we look like, what profession we have taken, our past mistakes, our martial status…all of these are inconsequential to knowing we are sisters in Christ. By focusing on our faith and enhancing our relationship with God through Christ, we can radiate a beauty that only increases over time and never fades and show the world what a women filled with the love of Christ can do, and that each and every one of us in God’s eyes, is a precious, glowing, jewel.

We have much to share and offer with each other, our church, our relationships and also in our community. In a safe and encouraging environment, we will laugh, cry, and sometimes laugh until we cry, but most of all we will build friendships that will last a lifetime as we grow in Christ together. God has a unique purpose and plan for each one of us.

Here at Faith Church we view women’s ministry as a whole with MANY different opportunities to get together at MANY different levels. We encourage you to get involved with a group of ladies that will both challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and also encourage you to contribute. You will see God’s purpose revealed. You will learn to pray effective prayers rooted in God’s word. You will see the power of the Holy Spirit revealed in your life. You will serve others. You will grow! We also encourage you to engage our “manly men” from time to time through some of our co-ed activities.

As a growing church, we are finding and adding new ways of connecting all the time. Through fun, simple fellowship we will learn from others about becoming Godly women. We will also encourage and disciple others. Often this will be accomplished in absolutely fun and sometimes silly ways.

Please let us know if there is any way in which we can serve you!