Our Mexico mission is centered around our daughter church, Iglesia de Fe Cristiana Internacional, in Guadalajara, Mexico. Guadalajara is Mexico’s second largest city and is equally great in beauty. There we have a nice modern facility we call the base house that comfortably accommodates our teams while they are serving through the many ministries and activities that Iglesia de Fe is involved with.


Iglesia de Fe Cristiana Internacional (Faith Church International) is a church plant in the downtown area of Guadalajara. Pastor Miguel Alcala and his wife Cadmiel Alanez are a young couple who recently were ordained as the head pastors of Iglesia de Fe. In partnership with the church we are able to serve the community there in many ways including the hospital ministry and homeless ministries, which function much like our Isaiah House here in the states.

A Mission trip to Guadalajara is an exciting way to support and encourage Iglesia de Fe in the challenging ongoing ministries there. You can’t imagine the impact just a single week in Mexico makes to so many.


A week in Guadalajara involves being a part of some or all of the ministries of the church there. In addition to these ministries, we enjoy working with other churches in the area, just as we do here in the states. Once there, you will get a much greater sense of just how BIG God’s kingdom is and what an awesome God we serve. A typical week really depends on the gifts and skills God has placed in the lives of those of a particular team. Whether it is helping to build the new chapel at an orphanage, playing sports with the boys, performing dramas on any one of the incredible plazas downtown, or preparing food and sharing the love of Christ to the homeless and those folks who find themselves temporarily homeless outside the hospital. Days turn into weeks for them, while waiting in the parking lot, for their turn to visit and help care for their loved ones inside.


You will give in almost every way possible, your time, your money, your energy and your heart. At the end of the week, you will agree with everyone else on the team, it is one of the best weeks of your life. The cost of the trip ranges from $1100-$1300 depending on airfare and includes all transportation, food and ministry supplies for the week.


As with all of our mission trips, we always take time out to enjoy the local culture, so there will be a special day of sight-seeing or enjoying one aspect or more of such a great city. As far as safety is concerned, Guadalajara is safer than Chicago and twice as safe as Los Angeles. As with any big city in the United States, we use wisdom of how we conduct ourselves with regard to safety.

Pastor Mark and Rosana have been traveling there with their children since they were babies. Now as young adults, they have gone there and served themselves.

For the willing heart; a week of adventure, bonding with others and impacting lives awaits you!

Mathew 28:19, Mark 16:15, Proverbs 22:6